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Contact Us by Phone

  • Sales Inquiries: +1 866 247 8182

  • Support:

    • Americas: +1 866 240 0491

    • EMEA: +44 (0) 800 520 0443

    • APAC: +65 6304 2460

Contact Us via E-mail

For help with a product issue, send e-mail to

Please include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your name, company, location, organization name, and phone number.

  • The specific build of TIBCO StreamBase® that you were running. To get this information, select HelpAbout StreamBase Studio in TIBCO StreamBase Studio™, or refer to the VERSION.txt file in streambase-install-dir/doc.

  • If your question relates to TIBCO Live Datamart Server, include the Live Datamart release number. To obtain this information, at a StreamBase Command Prompt, run lv-server --version

  • If your question relates to TIBCO LiveView™ Desktop, provide the release number, as found in the FileAbout TIBCO LiveView Desktop menu.

  • If you encountered a problem, please provide the names of the StreamBase tools you were using.

  • A brief description of a scenario that can reproduce the problem.

  • Any StreamBase error messages, or other exceptions that were reported. If you receive an exception in StreamBase Studio, you can view an Error Log by selecting from the top-level menu:HelpAbout StreamBase StudioConfiguration DetailsView Error Log.

  • The best days and times to contact you, and whether you prefer e-mail or phone reply.

  • If you send us e-mail with a problem report, we may create a ticket in our tracking system to check its status or add comments.