Create a Fragment Archive

This Guide so far has led you to develop a simple EventFlow fragment in StreamBase Studio. You have run the fragment in Studio and sent test tuples to it both manually and with a feed simulation.

We now want to deploy the same fragment more permanently, outside of Studio.

Step 1 is to create an archive file that contains your working and tested fragment. To do this:

  • In Studio, select the firstapp project name in the Project Explorer view.

  • Right-click, and from the context menu select Run AsMaven install.

  • This Maven operation does two things:

    1. Generates a zip file into the project's target folder containing the fragment archive.

    2. Installs the same file into your local Maven repository. This is the ~/.m2 folder by default, but your site may be configured to use a site-specific central Maven repository.


If Maven Install results in a BUILD FAILURE message, try again with Run AsMaven build... (carefully selecting the Maven build... command with three periods). In the resulting dialog, type clean install in the Goals field, and select the Skip Tests check box. Click Apply, then Run.