Add a Dependency

The StreamBase Application project you created on the previous page does not yet know about any fragments. You must configure the StreamBase Application project to have a dependency on the fragment project created in previous pages.

  • Select the name of the StreamBase Application project in the Project Explorer view.

  • Right-click and from the context menu, select MavenAdd Dependency.

  • In the Add Dependency dialog, in the Enter groupid, artifactId or sha1 prefix field, enter the first few parts of the group ID of the firstapp project: com.example.deptname.

  • In the Search Results field, select the EventFlow fragment for the firstapp project. Be careful to distinguish the fragment project from the deployment project; both projects appear because both have the string com.example.deptname in their names.

  • When you select the fragment archive, Studio fills in the Group Id, Artifact Id, and Version fields of the dialog. Click OK.

  • Confirm that the pom.xml file for the docker_firstapp project is saved.