Create StreamBase Application Archive

Create a runnable archive file for your StreamBase Application project as follows:

  • In the Project Explorer view, select the name of your StreamBase Application project.

  • Right-click and from the context menu, select StreamBaseCreate StreamBase Application Archive.

    This opens a wizard:

  • Click Finish. The wizard runs for a moment. Its tasks are to:

    • Create a fragment archive for the dependent firstapp project.

    • Create an application archive for the deploy_firstapp application project.

    The process shows a number of logging lines both in the Output field of the wizard and in Studio's Console view. Look for the BUILD SUCCESS message in both places.

  • Click Cancel to close the wizard.

    The wizard creates a file in the target folder of the deploy_firstapp project, whose name ends with *

    (You may have to right-click and select Refresh on the target folder.)