TIBCO StreamBase 10.1 Documentation

Use the links in the following table to navigate through the documentation for TIBCO StreamBase®, TIBCO StreamBase Studio™, and the TIBCO StreamBase Deployment Runtime as of release 10.1.1.

License Consideratons Describes how TIBCO StreamBase, TIBCO Live Datamart, and the TIBCO StreamBase Adapters are licensed.
StreamBase Release Notes Lists the fixed and known limitations in the product.
New and Noteworthy Summarizes significant changes in this and previous StreamBase releases.
Using the Help System Describes the search and navigation features of the StreamBase Help and Documentation system.
Installation Guide Lists the hardware and software configurations supported by StreamBase, and guides you through installing the product. Provides suggestions on migrating from earlier releases.
Getting Started Introduces concepts and terminology, and provides a hands-on tutorial to teach the basic features of StreamBase Studio.
Authoring Guide Describes designing TIBCO StreamBase EventFlow™ applications in the SB Authoring perspective using StreamBase processing units called operators and associated data constructs and streams.
Test/Debug Guide Describes how to run your EventFlow and StreamSQL applications, and to input test data manually or automatically. Explains how to define and run feed simulations, how to use the EventFlow Debugger, and how to profile your applications using the StreamBase performance monitors.
Configuration Guide Describes the structure, syntax, and usage of StreamBase and Live Datamart configuration files in HOCON format and describes adapter configuration files.
API Guide Describes the StreamBase APIs you can use to create extensions to StreamBase using Java, C++, .NET, or Python. StreamBase extensions include custom functions, custom operators, embedded adapters, and server monitor listeners. This guide provides links to the Javadoc, Doxygen, and Pydoc API documentation, and a pointer to the .NET API documentation installed only on Windows platforms.
Administration Guide Describes the administration tasks associated with configuring, managing, and deploying your StreamBase application infrastructure in a production environment. Introduces the various security options, and provides an overview of the features that support high availability StreamBase deployments.
Adapters Guide Describes the StreamBase embedded and external adapters provided in the base StreamBase kit and in separate kits.
Samples Guide Describes how to run each sample provided with the StreamBase base kit and with external adapter kits.
Studio Reference Guide Provides a reference for the menus, tool bars, views, and perspectives in the StreamBase Studio user interface.
StreamBase References Contains reference descriptions of the StreamBase configuration files, command-line tools, and expression language functions.
Artifact Management Server Describes the Artifact Management Server, which provides a central storage and editing location for business rules that you can run with the Decision Table operator in TIBCO StreamBase applications.
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