Working with the comparison

Comparing file1.txt and file2.txt resulted in the following compare editor. This section demonstrates how to use the compare editor to resolve the differences between the two files.

Compare editor

There are two parts to the compare editor's local toolbar. Move to the next or previous change using the right group of local toolbar buttons.

Compare buttons

  1. Click the Select Next Change button Compare editor next button. Observe how it selects the next difference.

  2. Click the Select Next Change button a second time to go to the next change.

  3. Click the Select Previous Change button.

To merge changes from the left file to the right file and vice versa use the left group of local toolbar buttons. There are four types of merges that can be performed:

Typically the copy whole document actions are used when the entire file on either the left or right can just be replaced by the contents of the other file.

The Copy current change buttons allow a single change to be merged.

  1. Ensure that the second difference is selected (as shown below):

    Compare editor

  2. Click Copy Current Change from Right to Left Compare editor right to left button. Observe that the selected text from the right file is copied to the left file.

    Compare editor

  3. Close the compare editor and choose Yes to save the changes. Alternatively, save the changes by choosing File > Save (Ctrl+S).