Adapters Guide

Adapters are programs that convert data to and from the StreamBase tuple protocol. You can use adapters to:

  • Convert data from real-time sources such as financial market data feeds or an IoT device.

  • Convert data from an external resource such as a CSV file.

  • Convert processed StreamBase tuples into the format used by an external resource, such as an XML file.

StreamBase adapters are embedded, which means they run in the same TIBCO StreamBaseĀ® server process that is hosting and processing your EventFlow or LiveView fragment. Embedded adapters start and stop automatically with the node that hosts your fragment.

The embedded adapters available to use with StreamBase or LiveView are listed in Embedded Adapters.

TIBCO StreamBase adapters are considered either Standard or Premium adapters. Standard adapters are licensed as part of your TIBCO StreamBase license, while Premium adapters require separate licensing. This subject is discussed on the License Considerations page.

If you need functionality not provided by an existing StreamBase adapter, you can implement your own custom embedded adapter using the StreamBase Java Client library. See the Creating Custom Java Embedded Adapters for more information.