Difference Comparisons

StreamBase Studio can show you side-by-side comparisons of:

  • Two similar EventFlow modules, in either graphical or XML form.

  • One EventFlow module and its earlier versions, in graphical or XML form. You can compare versions in the Eclipse local history or stored in a compatible version control system.

  • Any two components of the same type in the same EventFlow module, in either graphical or XML form.

  • Any two schemas in the same workspace.

As with any comparison, the display of differences is more meaningful when comparing closely related files, versions, or schemas.

Comparing EventFlow Modules

Comparing EventFlow Modules describes how to compare the state of two EventFlow modules, or two versions of the same module. Initiate module comparisons by selecting the files or versions of interest, then invoking the Compare With or Replace With options from the context menu.

Comparing Selected Components

Comparing Selected Components describes how to compare two similar components in the same module.

Comparing Schemas

Comparing Schemas describes how to compare two schemas using the Compare Schemas context menu option.