Studio Node Lifecycle

When you run a fragment in Studio, Studio does all the work of packaging the fragment into a node and starting it.

Installing and starting a fragment node in Studio

In StreamBase Studio, you run an EventFlow fragment with the Run button in Studio's top toolbar, or by right-clicking on the top-level module's canvas and selecting Run As>EventFlow Fragment.

You run a LiveView fragment with the green Run button on the top right of the LiveView Project Viewer, or by selecting the fragment's project in the Project Explorer view, right-clicking, and selecting Run As>LiveView Fragment.

When you run a fragment in Studio, Studio handles the installation of your fragment into a node and starting it. You can run the same fragment multiple times in Studio, and you can run different fragments and fragment types at the same time.

Studio assigns a nodename based on a configurable naming pattern. The default cluster name for Studio-initiated nodes is the system login name in effect when Studio started.

If at least one node already exists for the assigned cluster in the current subnet, Studio installs this fragment node into the same cluster. If Studio starts the first node in the cluster, that initiates StreamBase Runtime services for that cluster in the current subnet.

Stopping a node in Studio

Stop an EventFlow fragment node in Studio by clicking the red Stop button in Studio's toolbar. Stop a LiveView fragment node by clicking the red and blue Stop button.

When you stop running a fragment in Studio, Studio stops but does not remove the node. This allows Studio to reuse the same node for the next in-Studio run of the same fragment.

Removing a node in Studio

Studio keeps Studio-installed nodes in their Installed state, even if none are currently started and running.

On exit, Studio stops and removes all nodes it installed since the beginning of that Studio session.

You can also stop and remove nodes manually using buttons on the top right side of the Clusters view. The default display in the Clusters view is the set of nodes started by Studio (plus any nodes installed outside of Studio using the same cluster name). You can optionally set the view to display all nodes in the current subnet.