Where to Place Files in Project Folders

Place the files used in this book's tutorial in the following project folder locations:

  • Place EventFlow code files in the src/main/eventflow/packagename folder, where you define packagename when you create the project folder.

    • You, therefore, keep the tutorial's firstapp.sbapp and its related firstapp.sblayout in src/main/eventflow/com.tibco.sb.sample.firstapp.

  • Place any resource files needed by your running application in the src/main/resources folder.

    • Place the tutorial's feed simulation file firstapp-enum.sbfs in src/main/resources.

Maven requires a strict organization of files within the project hierarchy. You must organize files of different types into the folders reserved for them by the Maven project structure.

The upcoming tutorial's project folder has a structure much like the following:

See What Goes Where in Project Folders to learn the details about Maven project structure requirements.