Migrating to 10.4

This page provides a reference for migrating from a previous StreamBase release to TIBCO Streaming 10.4.x.

If your current release is StreamBase 10.2.x, study the Migrating to 10.3 page before reading this page.

New Product Names and License Terms

Release 10.4 introduces new named product groups and new licensing terms:

TIBCO® Streaming

TIBCO Streaming is an assembly of TIBCO software technologies in a single licensable collection. TIBCO Streaming includes TIBCO StreamBase®, TIBCO LiveView™, and related products. See What is TIBCO Streaming?.

TIBCO® Data Streams

TIBCO Data Streams is a subset of the TIBCO Streaming package configured for the sole purpose of serving live data to TIBCO Spotfire. See What is TIBCO Data Streams?.

Must Use New, Empty Studio Workspace

TIBCO has always recommended starting with a new, empty StreamBase Studio workspace to contain projects for each new major release. You can import projects from your previous workspace to continue working on them.

This recommendation is especially important for StreamBase 10.2.x users, who MUST preserve 10.2.x projects separately.

Changes for the New StreamBase Project Wizard

The New StreamBase Project wizard's steps are simplified, with fewer decisions to make.

Simplified Docker Image Creation

The steps in the New Project wizard to create a StreamBase Application configured as a Docker image are reduced to a single check box. This change cascades into simplified steps and other changes in the Cloud instructions.

In particular, the docker run command must now include a NODENAME variable setting, as discussed in EventFlow: Communication with Containerized Apps.

Nodes Now Join the Cluster When Node is Started

As of StreamBase 10.4.2, nodes now join the cluster when a node is started. Previously, a node would join the cluster when the node was installed. Any reliance on the previous behavior must be updated.