Migrating to 10.5

This page provides a reference for migrating from a previous StreamBase release to TIBCO Streaming 10.5.x.

If your current release is StreamBase 10.2.x, study the Migrating to 10.3 page before reading this page.

Node Management Commands no Longer Require SSH to Manage Nodes Running on Remote Hosts

The following node management commands no longer require Secure Shell (SSH) to manage nodes running on remote hosts:

  • start node (when servicename or adminport are specified)

  • stop node

  • terminate node

  • remove node (when servicename or adminport are specified)

  • kill node

The exceptions to the above are:

  • Removing a remote node created with 10.4.x or earlier release still requires SSH.

  • A node created with release 10.4.x or earlier but never started cannot be started for the first time by a 10.5.0 or later release of the epadmin start node command. The start node command will fail in this case. However, there is no incompatibility if you previously started the node with a pre-10.5.0 release.

  • The Last Start Time field reported by the epadmin display node command will not be updated if you use a release 10.5.0 or later release of start node to start a node created in an earlier release.