Migrating to 11.x from 10.x

This page provides a reference for migrating from a previous StreamBase release to Streaming 11.x.

If your current release is not StreamBase 10.5.0 or greater, study prior migration guides available here.

Projects are More Strictly Validated at Maven Build Time

Projects are more strictly validated at maven build time vs. node runtime now. Invalid modules may now trigger build failures and errors will be presented in maven logs.

Deprecation Warnings For Projects Containing sbapp and sbint Resources

Deprecation warnings may now be presented for projects containing sbapp and sbint resources in the /src/main/resources folder. The recommended location for these files is /src/main/eventflow, previous versions supported both without warning.

DecisionTable Operator Deprecated

The previous version of the DecisionTable operator has been deprecated and is marked as the legacy DT operator now. The new operator removes fields used with AMS.

Changes in Substitution Variable Names

Substitution variable names must only contain the following characters except for the FIRST character, which CANNOT be a number:

  • Letters (A-Z) (a-z)

  • Numbers (0-9)

  • Special Characters (dollar sign ($) and underscore (_))

    You must rename any substitution variables that contain characters other than these.