Migrating to 10.2

This page provides reference material to use when migrating from a StreamBase 10.0.x or 10.1.x release to a 10.2.x release.

Node Directory Location Change

Prior to 10.2.0, node directories were written directly in the workspace root directory. Starting with 10.2.0, Studio keeps all node directories for its installed nodes in a normally hidden folder named .nodes at the root of your Studio workspace. On exit, Studio stops and removes all nodes it successfully installed, and therefore removes their node directories in .nodes. See Node Directory for more information.

Host Environment Variables Now Used by Default

When running or debugging either an EventFlow or Java fragment in Studio, the launch configuration's Environment tab has an Append or Use choice. In StreamBase release 10.2.0, the default setting was Use specified environment only.

Starting with release 10.2.1, the default setting is Append environment. This gives fragment launches in Studio the same behavior as node installations with the epadmin command.

Also starting with release 10.2.1, Studio detects and blocks attempts to use the reserved environment variables TIBCO_EP_HOME or JAVA_HOME, whether explicitly set in the Environment tab, or inherited from the system environment. If either variable is detected, Studio presents a warning dialog.