Privileges Configuration

If authentication is enabled, the Role to Privileges Mappings configuration file is required as described in Server Configuration. Your configuration file must define a user that includes the following privileges if authentication is enabled:

These privileges apply to non-default alert groups.


Enables setting the alert group.


Enables viewing alert groups.


Enables viewing and setting on the alert group.

General Alert Privileges

LiveView alerting privileges must also be enabled, not just alert group privileges specifically

In practice you often define users with multiple LiveView privileges, depending on user role. The following example defines a user with all LiveView privileges, which includes both privileges described above.

name = "my-role-mappings"
version = "1.0.0"
type = ""
configuration = {
  RoleToPrivilegeMappings = {
    privileges = {
      admin = [
          privilege = "LiveViewAll"