LiveView Reserved Words

LiveView inherits the reserved word lists from the legacy StreamSQL language, from the StreamBase expression language, and also adds a few of its own. When you name fields and other identifiers in LiveView queries, do not use words from any of these lists.

Terms in the following lists are sorted down, then across.

StreamSQL Reserved Words
advance declare from into offset primary stream using
always default gather join on private table valid
and delete group key or public then vjoin
apply desc having limit order replace time where
as duplicate heartbeat lock outer returning timeout window
asc error if lockset output schema true with
between every implements materialized parallel secondary truncate within
bsort except import merge parameters select tuples  
by extends index metronome partition set union  
constant false input not pattern size unlock  
create foreach insert null predicate slack update  
StreamBase Expression Language Reserved Words

The StreamBase expression language has the reserved words listed in Reserved Words, most of which duplicate the StreamSQL reserved words listed above. The following words are reserved in LiveView in addition to the list above:

cacheable else
define function
LiveView Additional Reserved Words

LiveView has the following additional reserved words of its own:

command old publishersn
for pivot values
key publisherid  

Finally, do not begin the name of a LiveView table or column with "CQS" or an underscore ( _   ).