epadmin application target — Displays StreamBase application information.


epadmin [globalparameters] display application


Use the application target to see information about a currently running StreamBase application. For example, the following command:

epadmin [sn|ad] display application


Engine Name = default-engine-for-com.tibco.sb.sample.bestbidsandasks
Engine Fragment Type = ep-eventflow-fragment
Engine fragment ID = com.tibco.sb.sample.bestbidsandasks
Application Name = default-application
Application Version = 1.0.0
Application Description = default-application
Application Install Time = Wed Mar 11 10:32:25 EDT 2020
Application Last Start Time = Wed Mar 11 10:33:49 EDT 2020

The designation [sn|ad] in syntax examples is a reminder that this command requires either the global parameter ‑‑servicename or the ‑‑adminport and ‑‑hostname combination to identify the node or cluster of interest.