epadmin router target — Displays information about distributed router operators.


epadmin [globalparameters] display router [commandparameters]


Shows information about the distributed routers active on a node or cluster.

The router target has one command, display.

The designation [sn|ad] in syntax examples is a reminder that this command requires either the global parameter ‑‑servicename or the ‑‑adminport and ‑‑hostname combination to identify the node or cluster of interest.

epadmin display router

Displays information about a specified distributed router operator, or about all router operators active on a node or cluster, with optional statistics.

epadmin [sn|ad] display router
epadmin [sn|ad] display router --name=myRouter
epadmin [sn|ad] display router --statistics
Command Parameter Description Required
name Router name. No. The default is to display all routers.
statistics Includes statistics for the specified router. No. The default is no statistics.