epadmin snapshot target — Creates a diagnostic snapshot of an active or failed node.


epadmin [globalparameters] create snapshot [commandparameters]


Creates and manages snapshot archive files. Diagnostic information is captured by the snapshot target, which creates an archive containing log files and other information required to help troubleshoot problems. A snapshot archive can be captured for an active or a failed node. The support team may ask you to create a snapshot for certain cases.

Snapshots are taken against active nodes using the adminport and optional hostname parameters or the servicename global parameters. Snapshots are taken against failed nodes using the installpath command parameter pointing to the node directory.

In TIBCO Streaming releases before 10.6.0, this command created the snapshot archive in a directory named snapshots/nodename, parallel to the node directory, and you could use the destination parameter to specify a directory relative to that location.

Since release 10.6.0, this command creates the snapshot archive on the local file system, in the current working directory of the epadmin command. You can also specify an alternate location with the destination parameter, using an absolute path or one relative to the current directory.

The designation [sn|ad] in syntax examples is a reminder that this command requires either the global parameter ‑‑servicename or the ‑‑adminport and ‑‑hostname combination to identify the node or cluster of interest.

The created archive is named nodename.timestamp.zip.

epadmin [sn|ad] create snapshot
epadmin [sn|ad] create snapshot --description="Issue 4567"
epadmin [sn|ad] create snapshot --destination=/tmp
epadmin [sn|ad] create snapshot --includeclasspaths
epadmin [sn|ad] create snapshot --installpath=/Users/sbuser/Nodes/
Command Parameter Description Required
description Optional description to include in the archive. This creates a file named description.txt included in the snapshot archive with the specified description text. No. No default value.
destination Optional destination directory for archive. No. The default directory is epadmin's current working directory. Specify an absolute path, or a path relative to the current directory.
includeclasspaths Optional boolean value to determine whether to include the contents of a node's classpath directories in the snapshot. No. The default value is false.
installpath Optional node directory path. Specify the path to the node directory for a failed node to create a snapshot archive. Yes, if the node is not operational, otherwise optional. No default value.