Eclipse-Supplied Views

Several debugging-related views are supplied by the Eclipse framework for use when debugging Java and other languages. StreamBase Studio takes advantage of these existing views and configures them for debugging EventFlow applications. These Eclipse-supplied views are:

Debug View

Allows you to manage the debugging or running of a StreamBase application in the workbench. Shows a hierarchical list of processes with each thread in your application appearing as a node in the tree.

Breakpoints View

Lists all the breakpoints you currently have set in all applications projects in your workspace. You can set and unset breakpoints, and can open any application file containing a breakpoint from this view.

Variables View

Displays information about the tuple associated with the currently selected operator in the Debug view stack frame. The toolbar for this view is extended with a StreamBase button that toggles whether the Variables view is brought to the front when using the StreamBase visual debugger and hitting a breakpoint.

JUnit View

Shows the pass or fail results of running a StreamBase JUnit test or a StreamBase Test.

Console View

Shows a configurable degree of information displayed when fragments or applications are run. Studio can display individual console views per each running fragment or application.

For documentation on the Eclipse-supplied views, look in the Java Development User Guide section of Studio Help. Navigate to Reference > Views. On the Web, you can find the same documentation at