Web Service Queries

Querying Web Service Endpoints

Regardless of web service, the query process from the help UI follows a similar paradigm except where noted.

  • Depending on the endpoint, click Get or Post to display the basic format for how the node will respond to queries.

  • Click Try it out, supply the requested inputs, then click Execute. Notice the node status in the Response body.

  • Optionally, click Download in the Response body to save the generated response as a JSON file to your machine.

  • To view the web service's OpenAPI description in JSON format in another browser window, click the URL next to the web service title (near top left corner of the help UI).

  • View the audit log to see messages for every web service request.

Admin Web Service: Get Files Example

GET /files/{filename} — Download your results into a file: After you run the command successfully, expect to see response code 201. Look for the file URL in the Response headers section.