SB Authoring Perspective

In Eclipse-based applications, a perspective is a collection of windows called views that are arranged to ease the completion of a specific task. Perspectives generally have a central editor view surrounded by support views.

In TIBCO StreamBase® Studio, use the SB Authoring perspective to design and create StreamBase modules. This perspective can contain an editor for EventFlow modules, an editor for LiveView configuration files, an editor for HOCON configuration files, and editors for other text files. The perspective contains several views that support the development of EventFlow fragments.

You can resize the individual windows and StreamBase Studio saves your display preferences. The following screen shows the default SB Authoring layout, with an EventFlow editor session active:

Multiple files can be open in their respective editors at the same time, and appear as tabs. Editors and views can be associated with any perspective, not just the one currently open.

Follow the links below to learn about the default views and editors in the SB Authoring perspective:

Project Explorer View

For viewing, opening, and managing the file and folder resources in your StreamBase projects.

Document Editors

The primary editor area of the perspective, used when you open a file resource. The tab for each editor is marked with a red X to show invalid or non-compliant entries. Plain text files open in an Eclipse text editor. Studio opens specialized editors for StreamBase file types, including the following:

EventFlow Editor

For editing EventFlow module files with .sbapp extensions.

StreamSQL Editor

For editing StreamSQL module files with .ssql extensions. Remember that the StreamSQL Editor is provided to assist customers who are migrating projects from earlier StreamBase releases that supported StreamSQL. In current StreamBase releases, you can edit StreamSQL but cannot run it in Studio.

Interface Editor

For editing StreamBase interface files with .sbint extensions.

StreamBase HOCON Configuration File Editor

A validating text editor for StreamBase HOCON configuration files with .conf extensions.

LiveView Configuration File Editor

For editing LiveView configuration files with .lvconf extensions.

Decision Table Editor

Provides a way to create and edit StreamBase decision tables in .sbdt format.

Compare Editor View

For comparing the XML of two EventFlow files, or two versions of one EventFlow file.

Palette View

Provides easy access to StreamBase components that you can drag into the EventFlow Editor canvas as you build your module.

Clusters View

Provides a tree view of nodes and a toolbar for cluster management.

Properties View

For editing the properties of the currently selected component or arc in the EventFlow Editor.

StreamBase Extension Points View

Shows a tree view of all Extension Point operators in use in any EventFlow module in the current workspace, along with each module that implements the Interface referenced in each Extension Point.

Module Call Hierarchy View

Shows the module call order for the currently active EventFlow module, in tree view by default, with a graphical view option. This view is not automatically maintained and does not refresh when you switch to a different module's Editor view. Use the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Alt+H, to generate a new Module Call Hierarchy view on demand for the currently active EventFlow module.

Outline View

Shows an alphabetized list of the groups, operators, data constructs, streams, and references in the currently active EventFlow editor session. Lets you quickly select a component of interest in a large EventFlow canvas. In graphical mode, shows a scaled-down version of the currently active EventFlow, in which you can navigate to the portion of interest in a large EventFlow module.

Thomson Reuters Schema Designer View

Provides a way to extract field identifiers (FIDs) directly from the live Reuters RMDS infrastructure at your site, and to generate a StreamBase schema based on a selected set of FIDs.

FIX Schema Designer View

Provides a way to specify the FIX fields of interest for an individual FIX message type, to generate a StreamBase schema for the selected fields, then save the generated schema as a named schema in an EventFlow module file.

Decision Table Analyzer View

Provides a way to validate StreamBase decision tables created in .sbdt format. Checks for overlap between rules, rule contradictions, and whether a rule is always true. The Table Analyzer is a companion view for the Decision Table Editor; in most cases, it automatically appears in the lower middle section of Studio whenever the Decision Table Editor is open.

Studio Resource Center

Provides a hands-on walkthrough of StreamBase Studio, its different perspectives, views, and how to run a simple EventFlow fragment. The Studio Resource Center view also includes links to TIBCO® Spotfire Data Streams and LiveView user documentation.

Console View

The Eclipse Console View displays any runtime errors that occur during your StreamBase session. See Eclipse Help for information on the Console view

You can customize the layout of perspectives and save them as named perspectives of your own, as described in Customize Perspectives.