Adding StreamBase Client Library to the Project Build Path

The StreamBase Client library must be added to the current project's Java build Path before you can access classes in the Client library. The Java build path is a list of paths visible to the Java compiler when a project is built.

The StreamBase Client library is usually added to a project's Java build path in the New StreamBase Project dialog at project creation time. If you selected that dialog's Add the StreamBase Client Library check box, then this project already references the Client library.

If you need to add the Client library for an existing project, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Properties dialog for the current StreamBase project. To do so, select the project in the Package Explorer. Then:

    1. Right-click and select Properties from the context menu, or

    2. Invoke ProjectProperties from the main Studio menu, or

    3. Press Alt+Enter.

  2. In the project's Properties dialog, open the Java Build Path page.

  3. Open the Libraries tab.

  4. Click the Add Library button.

  5. Select StreamBase Client and click Next.

  6. On the next dialog page, click Finish.

  7. Click OK.

When editing Java code in StreamBase Studio in a project to which you have not yet added the StreamBase Client Library to the Java Build Path, invoking the Eclipse Quick Fix options with Ctrl+1 offers to add the Library for you.

See also: StreamBase Project Properties