Copy-Paste of EventFlow Components

You can copy a selection of components from one EventFlow canvas and paste them to the same canvas or to another module's canvas. Arcs connecting the components you select remain connected in the pasted copy. Property settings for each copied component are preserved as far as possible.

When you copy components into a different EventFlow canvas, you might need to prepare the new module in advance. This is because objects on the Definitions, Parameters, and Dynamic Variables tabs of one module are not automatically copied along with components that reference those objects. For example, if you copy a Query Table defined with a table schema along with its associated Query operator defined with a named schema, the Query Table and Query operator survive the copy, but the referenced schemas do not. This forces you to re-configure the Query Table and Query operator after pasting in the new location.

To avoid this, copy and paste components using the following sequence:

  1. Before copying, inspect the Properties view of the components you want to copy.

  2. If a component uses a named schema, import the same named schema to the target module.

  3. If a Query Table uses a table schema, import that schema to the target module.

  4. In expressions used in operators, look for references to module parameters or dynamic variables. Copy those to the target module.

  5. Finally, select, copy, and paste the components.