StreamBase Studio Performance

StreamBase Server has been independently benchmarked at greater than 400,000 messages per second, per CPU, on real-world applications.

On Windows and macOS, StreamBase includes StreamBase Studio, a development environment designed for building, testing, and debugging your EventFlow and LiveView modules. StreamBase Studio is not configured or intended for benchmarking the full performance capabilities of the StreamBase Runtime on production machines. The Studio-managed environment is not suitable for high-speed data rates and high CPU utilization.

As you would expect, StreamBase Studio incurs its own overhead while running your Studio-managed application. Studio consumes resources that would otherwise be available to your application in production. In a production environment, you typically run your application with the sbd command that allows you to start a StreamBase Server process independent of StreamBase Studio.

If you need to measure the performance of a StreamBase application, TIBCO StreamBase recommends running StreamBase Server from the command prompt. Contact us for assistance.