Configuring a StreamBase License

After installing TIBCO StreamBase®, you must install its license in order to run StreamBase Server.

The StreamBase license file name is streambase-license.xml. Copy this file to the etc subdirectory of your installation directory. The following are the license file locations for the default installation directories:

  • On Windows:  C:\TIBCO\sb-cep\n.m\etc

  • On Linux: /opt/tibco/sb-cep/n.m/etc

  • On macOS, typically: ~/Applications/TIBCO StreamBase n.m.x/etc

where n.m and n.m.x represent the current StreamBase release number in major.minor or major.minor.maintenance format.

If you have a license file for a previous StreamBase major release, you must obtain an updated license file for the new release. Exception: You do not need a new license to update your current version to a maintenance release. For example, updating StreamBase release 7.7.3 to 7.7.4 would not require a new license.


On Windows, If you later uninstall StreamBase, the license file is preserved in the etc subdirectory.

Before you copy an updated license file to the StreamBase etc subdirectory, make a backup copy of any previous major release's license file and preserve it in a safe place. Give your backup license file a name that contains the StreamBase release number it was associated with.