Attaching to a Running Server in Debug Mode

StreamBase Studio supports attaching to a remote or local instance of StreamBase Server running in debug mode, and using the EventFlow Debugger to debug both StreamBase and custom Java code.

Follow these steps:

  1. Run your top-level module from the command line on your remote server, using the --debug option of the sbd command.

    If your application includes custom Java code, provide a server configuration file for the command-line launch that specifies a <java-vm/dir> path to the java-bin directory of your Studio project. For example:

    sbd -f sbd.sbconf --debug suspend=y myapp.sbapp
  2. Use RunDebug Configurations to open the Debug Configurations dialog.

  3. Double-click Attach to StreamBase Server in the left column to create a new attachment configuration.

  4. Fill in the StreamBase URI of the host on which you ran the sbd command in step 1.

  5. Use the Browse button to locate the local copy of the application running on the remote server.

  6. Use the default debug port, 8000, unless you specified a different one with the --debug option.

  7. Click Debug.

  8. You can now send a tuple and step through its progress in the EventFlow Debugger in the same way as with a local application launched by the Debugger in Studio.