Creating New LiveView Configuration Files

Follow these steps to generate a new LiveView configuration file in StreamBase Studio:

  1. Open the New LiveView Configuration File wizard using any of the following methods:

    • Select FileNewTIBCO LiveView Configuration File and click Next.

    • Click the drop-down arrow next to the New toolbar button (), and select TIBCO LiveView Configuration File from the drop-down menu.

    • Right-click anywhere in the Package Explorer, and select NewTIBCO LiveView Configuration File from the context menu.

    • With the cursor in any Studio view, press Ctrl+N to open the New dialog. Navigate to LiveViewTIBCO LiveView Configuration File and click Next.

    • With the cursor in any Studio view, press Alt+Shift+N to open the FileNew menu at the cursor location. Select TIBCO LiveView Configuration File.

  2. In the New StreamBase LiveView Configuration wizard, select the project folder where you want the file to be created.

  3. Enter the file name to create. LiveView requires the basename of lvconf files to be the same as the ID of the primary element in the file. The wizard enforces adding the .lvconf extension to the basename you specify.

  4. In the Type area, select the button for the type of LiveView table you want to create. Data Table is the default and usual selection.

  5. Click Finish. The lvconf file type you specified is created in the specified project. Studio opens the new file in the visual forms-based configuration file editor.


    The wizard's Advanced button lets you create the new file as a link to an existing lvconf file anywhere in the file system.

See LiveView Configuration File Editor Reference to learn how to use the forms based lvconf editor.

The LiveView Configuration XML Reference describes the syntax of lvconf files.