LiveView References

This guide provides reference lists and tables for LiveView command-line tools, aggregate functions, reserved words, glossary terms, and the configuration XML Schema, plus API documentation for the LiveView Client API for Java, JavaScript, and .NET.

Reference Documentation Description
LiveQL Reference Provides an overview of the LiveQL query language used in LiveView configuration files and used with LiveView client programs to examine LiveView-hosted data tables. LiveQL queries can incorporate StreamBase expression language clauses as part of the query.
LiveView Command Reference Provides links to reference descriptions for the LiveView utilities that are run at the command prompt.
LiveView Reserved Words Provides a list of all LiveView reserved words that must not be used when naming fields, columns, or identifiers in query expressions.
LiveView Glossary Provides definitions for LiveView-specific terminology.
LiveView Aggregation Function Reference Provides reference descriptions for the 21 LiveView aggregate functions for use in aggregate expressions in the queries that drive both dynamic and author-time aggregation.
LiveView Configuration Schema Reference Opens the reference documentation for the XML Schema specification for LiveView configuration files, called lvconf files.
LiveView Adapters Describes the adapters that let you connect any StreamBase EventFlow application to a LiveView Server, to detect when the LiveView Server is ready to accept connections, and to configure alerts on a LiveView Server.
Java Client API Documentation Opens the class reference pages in Javadoc format for the LiveView and StreamBase Java Client APIs that you can use to develop custom client and monitoring applications to connect to both StreamBase and LiveView Servers.
JavaScript Client API Documentation Opens the class reference pages for the LiveView JavaScript Client API, that you can use to develop custom LiveView web-based clients.
REST API Documentation Opens the class reference page for the LiveView REST API, which assists in the rapid development of LiveView queries, such that the API can be tested from a web browser.
.NET Client API Location Opens a page that describes how to open the class reference for the LiveView and StreamBase .NET APIs, that you can use to develop custom LiveView and StreamBase clients using a .NET language such as C# or Visual Basic .NET. These pages are delivered only with installations on Windows platforms.