Running Applications from the Command Line

Starting Applications at the Command Prompt

Start StreamBase Server at the command prompt with a command like the following:

sbd [options] application-file

where application-file is the path to a StreamBase file in one of the following formats:

  • EventFlow application file (.sbapp)

  • StreamSQL application file (.ssql)

  • StreamBase deployment file (.sbdeploy)

  • Precompiled archive file (.sbar)

  • Application bundle file (.sbbundle)

See the sbd command reference topic for information on the sbd command options. In a UNIX terminal window, you can enter man sbd to view the reference page for sbd.

Use the sbadmin or sbc command to send requests and control commands to a running sbd process.

Stopping Applications at the Command Prompt

Stop a running sbd process, and the StreamBase application it is hosting, by entering the following command from a command prompt:

sbadmin shutdown

The -u option lets you specify a URI for a running sbd process that uses a non-default port, or that is running on a remote server. See the sbadmin command reference topic for details.

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