Interface KeyValue

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    public interface KeyValue
    KeyValue represents a specific value of the primary key, as taken from the Tuple in a specific Table, including if the Table has a complex key involving multiple fields. KeyValues can be compared using .equals and can be used as the key in HashMaps, such that if you get a new record, a KeyValue extracted from it will match to a KeyValue from an existing record.
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      • hashCode

        int hashCode()
        Returns a int hashcode for this KeyValue. hashcodes may collide for complex keys in large result sets.
        hashCode in class Object
        32 bit hashcode for this KeyValue
      • getValueAsUniqueString

        String getValueAsUniqueString()
        Returns an opaque unique String that can be used to identify this tuple. What this String looks like may change from release to release so should not be persisted.
        - Unique String that identifies this KeyValue