Interface LiveViewConnectionControl

  • public interface LiveViewConnectionControl
    When using a LiveViewMultiConnection, this represents one of the connections.
    • Method Detail

      • getConnectionConfig

        ConnectionConfig getConnectionConfig()
        the connectionConfig that was / will be used to create this connection.
      • getUri

        String getUri()
        Convenience method that is the same as getConnectionConfig().getUri()
        The URI to the server represented by this ConnectionControl.
      • isCurrent

        boolean isCurrent()
        true if this connection is the currently active connection
      • getLastSuccessfulConnect

        long getLastSuccessfulConnect()
        If the current status is CONNECTED, this will have the time this connection was made.
        time of last successful connect, or Long.MIN_VALUE if never connected.
      • getVersion

        VersionType getVersion()
        If this server has never been successfully connected to, this value will be null.
        The version information received from the server in the last successful connect to it, if there have been any.
      • getRetryCount

        int getRetryCount()
        Valid only if the current state is TRYING_TO_CONNECT. It is the number of tries since the last successful connect, or since startup if there has never been a successful connect to this server.
        number of tries since the last successful connect
      • setActive

        void setActive​(boolean active)
        If a connection is set to be inactive, it will stop attempting to connect to the server.
        active -