Class FeedSimCSVInputStream

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    Closeable, AutoCloseable
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    public abstract class FeedSimCSVInputStream
    extends InputStream
    FeedSim can be configured to use classes that extend this abstract class. This allows users to read proprietary formated files and deliver their contents so that FeedSim can play their data like any other product supported format. Data returned by the required read() method must be in essentially CSV format.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FeedSimCSVInputStream

        public FeedSimCSVInputStream​(String path)
                              throws IOException
        Constructor which takes a path of the file to open. Running FeedSim within StreamBase Studio this path will be a resource known to the project. Running FeedSim from the command line, the path must be resolved with respect to the working directory of the FeedSim command.
        path - - path of the file to open
        IOException - Input error
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      • getPath

        public String getPath()
        Returns the path String this object was constructed with.
        The path to the file