Interface Parameterizable

  • public interface Parameterizable
    Interface for the objects that hold the user-configurable parameters for Java Operators when they appear in StreamBase Studio. These parameters are Java Beans properties. They have get/set accessor methods that StreamBase Studio uses to determine the name and type of each property and, obviously, to set and get the property values.

    Each Java Operator has an object that implements the Paramaterizable interface that holds the Java Beans set/get methods. The Java Operator may implement the Parameterizable interface directly, or delegate it's user-visible parameters to another object that implements the Parameterizable interface.

    Since 6.1.3, the object implementing this interface may provide methods to support enabling and disabling property controls:

    After Studio applies all current values being edited by the user, Studio will, for each property prop, look for a method called shouldEnableProp, and invoke that method to determine if the widget representing that property should be enabled or not in the user interface. (Eg. for the property myInt, Studio will look for a method called shouldEnableMyInt.) Note that Studio queries for enablement only if there are no typecheck errors after all setters are called.

    See Also:
    Operator.setParameters(, Operator.getParameters(), SBPropertyDescriptor