Interface PreparedQuery

  • public interface PreparedQuery
    A query that has been prepared against a table. Prepared queries can be executed multiple times with different arguments.
    • Method Detail

      • createArgumentTuple

        CompiledTuple createArgumentTuple()
        Factory for argument tuples for this prepared query.
        a tuple suitable for populating values and passing to execute.
      • execute

        void execute​(CompiledTuple args,
                     RowConsumer consumer)
              throws StreamBaseException
        Run the query against a given set of arguments, and pass the results to consumer
        args - Tuple of arguments for this prepared query. This tuple must come from createArgumentTuple()
        consumer - A RowConsumer that will be passed each row in the results of the query one by one
        StreamBaseException - If the query does not run properly, or if the consumer throws an exception
      • isShareable

        boolean isShareable()
        whether it is safe to share this prepared query object with multiple threads which can execute it on different table instances Note that the tables MUST have the same definition
        where it's safe to share this prepared query