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You can extend the capabilities of StreamBase® applications by creating custom programs that use the StreamBase Client libraries for Java, C++, .NET, and Python. The class references for the StreamBase API are provided in the following locations and formats:

  • Java Client API is the reference for the StreamBase Java Client library in Javadoc format.

  • C++ Client API is the reference for the StreamBase C++ Client library in Doxygen format.

  • .NET Client API leads to the reference for the StreamBase .NET Client library (provided on Windows systems only).

  • Python Client API leads to the reference for the StreamBase Python Client library in Pydoc format (provided on Linux systems only).


Classes and elements of classes listed in the Javadoc, Doxygen, Pydoc, and .NET documentation comprise the complete set of publicly-accessible APIs. Elements in classes that do not appear in the documentation are for internal use only, and are not supported for use in customer code.

The StreamBase Client library for different languages supports the types of StreamBase extensions described in the following table:

StreamBase Extension Java C++ Python .NET
Client applications yes yes yes yes
Server monitor applications [a] yes yes
Custom embedded functions yes
Custom embedded operators yes
Custom embedded adapters yes

[a] The StreamBase Monitor API allows you to write monitor applications directed at a StreamBase server instance hosted in a Streaming runtime node. However, in Spotfire Streaming we recommend monitoring at the node and cluster level instead, using the Web REST API or epadmin commands.

The LiveView Client library supports the following types of extensions:

LiveView Extension Java .NET REST API JavaScript
Client applications yes yes yes
Custom server presentation yes

The following table shows the platforms on which these languages are supported:

Language Windows macOS Linux
Java yes yes yes
C++ yes yes yes
Python yes
.NET yes
JavaScript yes yes yes
REST API yes yes yes

For client or monitor applications, the named operating system columns refer to the OS on which such applications will run. By contrast, since embedded functions, operators, or adapters run as part of their hosting StreamBase server, the OS columns for these extensions refers to the OS hosting your expected StreamBase server instance.

Applications or extensions developed in Java on one supported operating system will run on another.

Applications developed in C++ on one OS have a good chance of successfully compiling and running on another supported OS, as long your code uses standard libraries and published StreamBase interfaces. If your C++ code must rely on third-party libraries provided as DLLs, .so, or .dynlib files, then portability is not assured.

The following topics provide overviews of developing each type of custom extension:

Developing Client Applications

Client applications are independent applications that either enqueue data into a running StreamBase application, or dequeue data from a StreamBase application for further processing. You can create clients using the StreamBase Java, C++, .NET, or Python Client libraries.

Developing Custom Functions

Custom functions extend the StreamBase expression language, and can be called in expressions from within StreamBase components. They can be written with either the Java Client library.

Developing Java Operators

Java operators add custom functionality within the flow of your StreamBase application. They are created with the Java Client library.

Developing Embedded Adapters

Embedded adapters can enqueue or dequeue data like clients, but adapters are not independent. They are included as components within StreamBase applications, and start and stop with the StreamBase application. Embedded adapters are created with the Java Client library.

Developing StreamBase Monitor Applications

Use the StreamBase Monitor API to create client programs that obtain and process statistical data about applications on the currently running StreamBase Server. The Monitor API is a subset of the StreamBase Java and .NET Client libraries.

General Topics for all Client Library Users