Developing StreamBase Client Applications

You can create two kinds of custom StreamBase client applications:

Enqueue clients

Applications that feed data into StreamBase Server, and are sometimes called producer clients. An enqueuer might be a feed from an external source, or part of your testing procedure (to simulate streaming data in a way that sbfeedsim cannot).

Dequeue clients

Applications that dequeue data from StreamBase Server, and are sometimes called consumer clients. You might use dequeue clients to further process StreamBase output in a spreadsheet or display it in a graphical application, or as part of a testing process.

The API Guide includes topics that describe how to create StreamBase enqueue and dequeue clients in each of the supported languages. Other topics provide information about enabling tuple buffering, and a feature called filtered subscribe that allows you to narrow the dequeue result set.

Samples of enqueue and dequeue client applications are included in the distribution, and are described in Client Library Samples. The samples for each language are written to be as similar as possible to each other. We encourage you to walk through them.