Decision Table Tools

This topic describes the tools used to create, edit, and analyze decision tables as part of an EventFlow application.

The Spotfire Streaming Decision Table operator supports decision table files in three file formats, which have four different origins. See Summary of Decision Table File Types to clarify this subject.

StreamBase Tools to Edit Decision Tables

The tools shown in the following table are provided with StreamBase or with the StreamBase® Add-In for Microsoft Excel to support the Decision Table operator.

Tool Description
Decision Table Editor in StreamBase Studio This editor is a StreamBase Studio view provided to create and edit decision table files in the .sbdt file format only.

The Decision Table Editor is described on its own page in this Authoring Guide.

StreamBase Excel Add-in The StreamBase Excel Add-in allows you to create and edit decision tables in the form of Excel files for use with the Spotfire Streaming Decision Table operator. The Add-in can download decision tables from a running Decision Table operator and re-upload them to a running server. The Add-in can also apply optional domain models as editing constraints while editing decision tables. These features require the StreamBase Excel Add-in release 2.5.1 or later and StreamBase 7.6.3 or later.

The StreamBase Excel Add-in is described as part of the Add-in kit's documentation.

BusinessEvents Tools to Edit Decision Tables

The tool in the following table is provided as part of TIBCO BusinessEvents®. The tool creates decision table files that can be used with the StreamBase Decision Table operator. See the TIBCO BusinessEvents documentation at for more information on this tool.

Tool Description
TIBCO BusinessEvents Studio The native file format for decision tables in BusinessEvents is an XML file with .rulefunctionimpl extension. StreamBase Studio provides no way to edit these files, but they are recognized as valid decision table files when specified to load into the StreamBase Decision Table operator. Additionally, BusinessEvents can export decision table files to Microsoft Excel format.

Analyzing Decision Tables

As the companion to the Decision Table Editor, the Table Analyzer examines .sbdt decision tables and reports problems, such as uncovered ranges for conditions, uncovered domain entries, different sets of actions for identical conditions.

The Table Analyzer is described in Decision Table Analyzer.