StreamBase and LiveView are configured by means of configuration files in HOCON format. HOCON is a superset of JSON designed specifically for system configuration with human readability.

StreamBase and LiveView configuration files:

  • Must be in valid HOCON format.

  • Must have the .conf extension

  • Must reside in the src/main/configurations folder of the EventFlow or LiveView project folder in StreamBase Studio.

  • Can also reside in the project's src/test/configuations folder to specify additional or alternate settings for running unit tests.

The Configuration Guide describes the different types of HOCON files for various uses. The syntax for HOCON configuration files in general is described in HOCON Syntax Reference.

Create a new HOCON configuration file with File>New>StreamBase HOCON Configuration File from StreamBase Studio's top menu. Studio provides a validating HOCON Editor that helps you create valid configuration files.

StreamBase Studio provides ways to configure certain settings in the Run Configuration dialog for EventFlow and LiveView fragments, such as the API listening port for each fragment. Run Configuration settings apply to the next launch of a fragment in Studio. To have the same settings apply when running the fragment as part of a StreamBase Application at the command line, specify those settings in configuration files.

All settings for multiple node and HA configurations are made with configuration files.

There is a second configuration file format used by certain adapters. Configuration for these adapters is in XML format in files named adapter-configurations.xml. Place such files in the src/main/resources folder of your Studio project.