Service Discovery

When a node is installed, it sets up a number of management services, including the discovery service. The first node to be installed in a subnet initiates these services, and all services cease when the last node is removed.

The discovery service allows details about nodes to be discovered using a service name instead of a specific network address.

When a node is installed it is available for discovery by the discovery service. Each node registers multiple service records for different service types. Each service type makes available a different set of discoverable service properties. The different service types and properties are used by both nodes and client tools such as epadmin to dynamically discover information needed to perform specific tasks.

Use the following command to see a list of all StreamBase Runtime services running in the current subnet.

epadmin display services

You can also run a continuous display of service activity as nodes enter and leave the Runtime fabric. Use Ctrl+C to exit:

epadmin browse services

Use parameters to limit the display of services. For example, the following command limits the display to the currently installed nodes:

epadmin display services --servicetype=node

You can specify the servicetype parameters eventflow or liveview to restrict the list to nodes running fragments of those types. This is a convenient way to discover the StreamBase URIs of EventFlow fragments for direct connection to input streams in those running fragments, or to discover the LiveView URL by which to connect a LiveView client to a LiveView server. For example:

epadmin display services --servicetype=eventflow

This might return:

Service Name = eventflow.com_tibco_sb_logging_LogAdapter0.logging_LogAdapter.sbuser
Service Type = eventflow
Network Address = sb://machinename.local:10000

For nodes running fragments of type liveview:

epadmin display services --servicetype=liveview

This might return:

Service Name = liveview.liveview0.sample_lv_sample_helloliveview.sbuser
Service Type = liveview
Network Address = sb://machinename.local:10001 lv://machinename.local:10081

To verify that UDP broadcast services work as expected in your current network, run this command:

epadmin verify services

Run epadmin help services to see other parameters and options.