Connectivity Wizard

The Connectivity Wizard in StreamBase Studio is a convenient utility to quickly stand up a LiveView server application for the purpose of streaming live data to TIBCO Spotfire® from certain known, working data sources. These are:

  • Apache Kafka


  • MQTT – MQ Telemetry Support

  • TIBCO Cloud Messaging (TCM)

  • StreamBase Feed Simulation

For the wizard to be useful, you must have access to a stream of data published over one of these data streams. You must have the URL for a server based on one of these technologies, or must have connection information for a JMS or TIBCO EMS bus, and you must have valid login credentials for that server or bus. In general, you must have basic understanding of your data source, including knowing what published topic you want to use. For more information about the wizard and its capabilities, see LiveView Connectivity Wizard.