The Spotfire LiveView product family includes components with the LiveView name, including the LiveView server and client APIs where the primary class name is liveview.

A LiveView project in StreamBase Studio is a collection of one or more LiveView table definitions that are compiled and run together. The result of running a LiveView project is an instance of the LiveView server that presents data streaming through its configured tables. LiveView clients connect to the server to run queries against its tables, and to show visualizations of the results.

LiveView tables are defined and configured using a forms-based editor in StreamBase Studio.

LiveView fragments can be accompanied by EventFlow modules, or by separate EventFlow fragments, that accept incoming data streams, then transform or configure the data in those streams before passing it to LiveView tables.

Under the hood, LiveView table definitions are compiled and placed into the context of a large, purpose-built EventFlow application. Thus, a LiveView server instance generally runs with both a StreamBase server instance as well as the LiveView server. The StreamBase server has its client API listening port, defaulting to 10000, while the LiveView server has its separate client API listening port defaulting to 11080.