EventFlow is the StreamBase event processing language for expressing the handling and processing of data flowing through streams, and for detecting and acting on changes in data as it flows.

You program EventFlow using icons and property settings on a canvas provided by StreamBase Studio.

EventFlow processing units are called modules. Each module is stored in a file with .sbapp extension. A separate file with .sblayout extension stores metadata about the position and layout of icons on the Studio canvas for the associated module file.

A single EventFlow fragment can consist of multiple modules, of which one module is the top-level primary module that calls subordinate modules for unit processing tasks.

There is a third EventFlow file type with .sbint extension that holds an EventFlow interface, which can define constants, functions, and schemas for use in multiple modules.

Under the hood, EventFlow code is stored on disk in an XML format. At runtime, EventFlow is compiled into Java bytecode to be run on a JVM engine. Spotfire does not support direct editing of the underlying XML; make all changes on the EventFlow canvas in StreamBase Studio.