A fragment is an executable unit of a StreamBase application.

Supported fragment types are:

  • EventFlow fragments, which consist of one or more modules that describe the flow and processing of streams of incoming data using the StreamBase® EventFlow™ graphical language.

  • LiveView fragments, which consist of one or more definitions of LiveView tables that are to contain live, streaming data presented by a Spotfire LiveView server. LiveView clients connect to the server to run queries against its tables, and to show visualizations of the results.

  • Java object fragments that are independent of EventFlow and LiveView fragments.

    StreamBase applications can include pure Java object fragments that are neither EventFlow nor LiveView fragment types. For example, you can build a StreamBase server monitor fragment using the StreamBase Monitor Client API. Or you can run a JDBC database host that has its own existence outside of any EventFlow or LiveView fragments, but is also self-contained enough to be restrained inside the limits of a StreamBase Runtime node.