LiveView 10.4.0 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.4.0.

New Features

LiveView 10.4.0 added the following updates and new features:

Improved Performance for Shared Queries Between Clients

Connected LiveView clients can now share queries to improve system performance. See Shared Client Queries for details. As a result, the LVSessionQueries system table now displays a shared query ID.

Loading Resources Now Supported for First-Running LiveView Node

Expanding on the metadata store options introduced in release 10.3.0, LiveView resources can now be stored and loaded into the first running node in a LiveView cluster, whereby all similarly metadata store-configured LiveView nodes in the cluster can take advantage of those resources. See LiveView Metadata Store for details.

LiveView System Table Projection Support Enhanced

All LiveView system tables now support projections with simple expressions, including aliases.

LiveView Table Capability Added

LiveView adds the ability to determine whether a table supports group-by expressions by checking the GROUP_BY_EXPRESSIONS table capability. For more information on this table capability, refer to your LiveView Client API documentation.

New Alert Entitlements Added

LiveView now includes three new configurable privileges to allow specified user roles to perform alert rule actions that were created by themselves, when authentication is enabled. See LiveView Authentication and Authorization for details. The new privileges are:

LiveView Alerting Sample Now Includes Time-based Alert

The LiveView Advanced Alerting Sample now includes a cron-based alert example. See the sample's README for details.

Utility Added to Generate Interfaces

The lv-util command was added to generate a StreamBase interface file on which an EventFlow application can be based for use with a LiveView data table.

The lv-util command assumes the interface generation capability of the previously deprecated lv-server command. See lv-util(1) for details.

Changes in Functionality

LiveView 10.4.0 did not include additional changes in functionality beyond what is already described in these Release Notes.

Deprecated and Removed Features

LiveView 10.4.0 included the following deprecations.

LiveView Static Alerts Deprecated

The alert-table element of the lvconf XML specification that supports author-time alert configuration (also referred to as static alerts), is now deprecated and is expected to be removed in a future release.

Deprecated jdbc-table Now Removed

The jdbc-table lvconf XML configuration type, which was previously announced in StreamBase 7.6.8 as deprecated, is now removed. Instead, use an External Server Connection of type JDBC.

Migration and Compatibility

LiveView 10.4.0 included the following migration and compatibility notes.

Vertica 5.1 No Longer Supported as an External JDBC-Compliant Database

When using Vertica as an external JDBC-compliant database, TIBCO recommends using versions 7.0-7.5.5, as detailed on the Supported Configurations page.

Spring Framework Version Upgraded

To avoid potential, known third-party Spring Framework vulnerabilities, LiveView's shipped Spring Framework version was updated to 4.3.17.

.NET Client Advisory

This release addresses an issue where the .NET client API could sometimes incorrectly report a network disconnection to the client. This was fixed such that all disconnections now cause a QueryExceptionEvent. Expect to see additional QueryExceptionEvents when using the .NET API client if you do not close queries before you close the connection.

lv-client Command Line Quote-Escape Parsing Improved

Double-quoting expressions is no longer necessary in most expressions, and no change is required when running existing queries. However, this change can affect existing queries for WHERE expressions containing killpublisher, killquery, killsession, and addalertrule commands.

Previously, some command line expressions needed to be double-quoted. This is no longer necessary.

Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.4.0 of TIBCO LiveView™. LiveView 10.4.0 inherits all fixes on the 2.2.x release branch through 2.2.5.

Number Resolution
CQS-4639 Under heavy network load or latency when aggregation marks are enabled by a .NET client, the .NET Client API can experience a disconnect. This was fixed. Note that aggregation marks are disabled by default and are only enabled when a connecting client configures the Aggregation mark capability option.
CQS-4602 A TLS security regression was fixed such that TLS 1.0 is no longer enabled by default.
CQS-4593 A bug was fixed which prevented the creation of metadata tables for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
CQS-4524 The .NET client API could sometimes not correctly report a network disconnection to the client. This was fixed such that all disconnections now cause a QueryExceptionEvent.
CQS-4441 For LiveView .NET clients, setting ConnectionConfig cc = new ConnectionConfig("someurihere"); cc.UseCompression=false; works and is the default. However, setting ConnectionConfig cc = new ConnectionConfig("someurihere"); cc.UseCompression=true; caused gzip to hang. This was fixed.
SB-44882 Under certain conditions, a continuous LiveQL query that uses a WHEN clause could cause a null pointer exception. This was resolved.