LiveView 10.4.4 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.4.4.

New Features

LiveView 10.4.4 adds no new LiveView features.

Changes in Functionality

LiveQL Dynamic Aggregation Implementation Restructured

Starting in 10.4.1, the internal LiveQL dynamic aggregation implementation was restructured. 10.4.4 follows on this work to provide more performance improvements and resolve some defects.

LiveView Auth Sample Now Includes Calculated Column Entitlements

The Authentication and Authorization sample now includes the LiveViewTableCCQuery privilege in its configuration. This privilege enables authorized users to perform LiveQL queries using calculated columns which are comma-separated lists of simple StreamBase expressions. The expressions can be arbitrarily complex but can contain no aggregate functions.

Deprecated and Removed Features

Two LiveView Aggregate Functions Deprecated

The following LiveView aggregate functions that can have unbounded memory requirements are now deprecated:

percentile (T column, double pct)
count_distinct (expr)

Note that other LiveView aggregate functions such as lastval, min, unique, and so on use a type of caching to maintain most meaningful state; if the cache becomes exhausted a cache refresh is executed.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable to this release.

Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.4.4 of TIBCO LiveView™ component of TIBCO® Streaming. LiveView 10.4.4 inherits all fixes on the 2.2.x release branch through 2.2.7.

Number Resolution
SB-46752 Between versions 10.4.1 through 10.4.3 (inclusive), under rare circumstances when an aggregate query experienced an underflow condition just before the entire group was to be removed, the client was ultimately given an update event with initial state values rather than the correct remove event. This was fixed.