StreamBase 10.4.5 Release Notes

These were the release notes for the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming 10.4.5.

New Features

TIBCO® Streaming 10.4.5 adds the following updates and new features:

New Operators Added to JMS/EMS Adapter Suite

New operators join the TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for JMS and EMS: JMS Request/Reply and a corresponding EMS Request/Reply operator. See the adapter suite and sample pages for details.

Disk Query Tables Now Support Null Values in String fields

Disk-based Query Tables now support null values in primary and secondary key string fields.

Oracle Log Miner Now Obtains Field and Primary Key Values

The Oracle CDC LogMiner Parser Adapter includes the following enhancements:

  • The adapter now parses the WHERE statement of UPDATES to obtain existing fields' values as well as the primary key.

  • A new option enables the query of UNSUPPORTED operations for debug purposes.

Kafka Adapters Now Support Connections to Azure Event Hubs

The Kafka Consumer and Producer adapters now support connections to Microsoft Azure Event Hubs portals.

Decision Table Validation Improved

The Decision Table Analyzer now uses a decision tree instead of order n^2 code paths, which improves the time it takes to validate decision tables.

Decision table validation was further improved as follows:

  • During decision table loading, TIBCO BusinessEvents-style action expressions are no longer evaluated in columns of type string, since there is no way such expressions can fail at runtime.

  • At runtime, if all action columns contain BusinessEvents-style expressions and none are of type list or tuple, you can populate action tuples manually in a client using Tuple.setField() API, rather than evaluating a StreamBase expression language expression to do so.

  • A new system property optionally disables all expression validation during decision table loading. See Decision Table Performance Considerations for details.

FIX Adapter Now Includes TLS/SSL Connectivity and Whitelist Support

The TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for FIX can now connect using TLS/SSL (initiator and acceptor) and can also specify a list of IP addresses or address ranges that are authorized to connect (acceptor only).

UDP Receiver Adapter Improved

The UDP Receiver Input Adapter now includes an option to set the underlying socket receive size on its own, compared to having the maximum packet size set that and the datagram buffer size. Also, buffer creation was adjusted to prevent repeated buffer creation.

Documentation Updates

This release includes the following updates and corrections to the documentation:

ActiveSpaces Operator Pages Clarified

The configuration comments for the operator's timeout options were updated for clarity, both in the operator page and the operator sample's configuration file.

Changes in Functionality

This release includes the following changes in functionality:

ActivFeed Input Adapter Now Available

The TIBCO StreamBase® Adapter for Activ Financial was previously unavailable in recent StreamBase 10 releases due to third-party API issues. The adapter is significantly improved in 10.4.5 and supported once again.

Deprecated and Removed Features

StreamBase 10.4.5 does not include any deprecations.

Migration and Compatibility

Not applicable.

StreamBase Resolved Issues

This section provides a list of errors corrected in release 10.4.5 of the TIBCO StreamBase® component of TIBCO® Streaming.

Fixed in 10.4.5
Number Resolution
TIBCO StreamBase® 10.4.5 incorporates all fixes resolved in the release 7.7 series through 7.7.8.
SB-47796 Some third-party dependencies required by the UMDF adapter were previously excluded from the High Performance FIX installation kits. This was corrected.
SB-47416, SB-47412 Query Tables stored in transactional memory were not maintaining null values for boolean fields. This was corrected such that null values are now correctly maintained.
SB-47414, SB-46542 An internal configuration issue was causing a delay when validating the XML format of LiveView configuration files. This was corrected.
SB-47366 The Amazon S3 via HDFS sample included an example S3 XML configuration file that incorrectly used the .conf extension. This caused the sample to fail because the StreamBase Runtime considers any .conf file in the Maven classpath to be a HOCON configuration file for the current fragment. The S3 configuration file was renamed to have the .xml extension, and all references to the file were updated.
SB-47273 The epdev commands that ran Maven were not passing the -D options (properties) to Maven. Now they do.
SB-47272 Aggregate operators stored in transactional memory would fail to compile in certain cases. This problem was corrected.
SB-47167 Query Tables in transactional memory were not rolling back commits during a failover. This resulted in incorrect data in the Query Table. This problem was corrected.
SB-47165 Deleting rows in a Query Table stored in transactional memory not using the primary index failed to delete the rows. This error was corrected.
SB-47164 Previously, decision table cells allowed timestamps with negative timezone offsets such as: 2016-03-17 15:02:24.333-0700 but not with positive timezone offsets such as: 2016-03-17 15:02:24.333+0700. Positive timezone offsets in decision tables now pass typecheck.
SB-46992 On a single machine, if a node was stopped within a running cluster, and another node, with a different cluster name was started, it could incorrectly join the first cluster. This was corrected.
SB-46903 Distributed transaction deadlocks were causing Distributed Router errors during initialization that prevented initialization from completing successfully. These deadlocks were resolved and the Distributed Router now correctly initializes.
SB-46365 On Windows systems, a fragment deploy would fail if a directory in the user's PATH environment variable was surrounded by double quotes. This was fixed.
SB-46339 Null key values for Query Tables stored in transactional memory were returning an error. This error was corrected and null key values now work correctly in transactional memory Query Tables.
SB-46333 Boolean values in a transactional memory table were incorrectly handled. This problem was resolved.
SB-37043 Starting several nodes at the same time, perhaps by specifying a cluster name as the servicename parameter, could result in a duplicate timestamp error. This was corrected.