Using the Manual Input View

The Manual Input view provides a simple way to send individual tuples to a running fragment's Input Streams. You can then observe the results in the Output Streams view.

  1. Use the Fragment drop-down to select which running fragment you want to address, if more than one is running.

  2. Use the Stream drop-down to select which input stream to address, if the selected fragment has more than one.

  3. Below the Stream field, the view shows the fields of the selected input stream. For the firstapp fragment, the view shows symbol and quantity fields, waiting for you to enter values. By default, they contain the null value.

  4. Replace null with IBM in the symbol field, and with 12000 in the quantity field. Click Send Data to send that tuple to the running module. Watch for output in the Output Streams view.

  5. Because the quantity of 10000 satisfies the Filter predicate, your tuple is passed through on the BigTrades output stream.

  6. Now change the symbol to AMZN and the quantity to 2000 and click Send Data again.

    This time, your output appears in the AllTheRest output stream, because the quantity is below the predicate's threshold of 10000.

  7. Continue to enter different values and notice how your module responds. For example, try entering invalid data for quantity, such as alpha.