Command Line Maven

StreamBase® installers for all platforms include an installation of command-line Maven. If you use a StreamBase Command Prompt on Windows, or a StreamBase configured shell on macOS or Linux, the mvn command is in the PATH. Run mvn --version to verify that command line Maven is installed.

If you prefer to configure your own shells, evaluate the sb-config --env command, as described in sb-config, to configure your PATH and environment for StreamBase and Maven use.

StreamBase Studio uses a Maven plugin to run Maven commands, and does not directly invoke the mvn command. StreamBase includes command-line Maven for the convenience of developers who are familiar with Maven, and for those who wish to incorporate StreamBase build or test steps into a scripted build system.

If your site has a requirement to use a particular version of Maven different from the StreamBase installed Maven, you are free to install Maven independently on each StreamBase development system and arrange your PATH and M2_HOME settings to favor your preferred installation.

Similarly, Maven is a Java program and needs to locate a java command during invocation of the mvn command. StreamBase-installed mvn is configured to located the JDK included in StreamBase by default. If you have a site standard Java version to use with mvn, you can configure an external JDK, as described in Installing a JDK.

For reference on using the mvn command, consult the Apache Maven documentation.