epadmin partition target — Displays partition information for a node or cluster.


epadmin [globalparameters] display partition [commandparameters]


Use the partition target to see information about the high availability partitions in currently running nodes or clusters. For example:

epadmin [sn|ad] display partition
epadmin --servicename=sbuser display partition
epadmin --servicename=A.sbuser display partition
epadmin --servicename=A.sbuser display partition --default-cluster-wide-availzone_VP_1
epadmin --servicename=A.sbuser display partition --zone=cluster-wide-availability-zone

Be aware that in the absence of specific node and application configuration, the default number of partitions is 64 per node, which makes the output of this command verbose by default. The following shows the set of lines returned for a single partition. See High Availability for an overview of high availability structures, which are configured with properties of the application and node configuration types.

[A.sbuser] Partition Name = default-cluster-wide-availability-zone_VP_2
[A.sbuser] Partition State = Active
[A.sbuser] Partition Status = LocalEnabled
[A.sbuser] Last State Change Time = 2020-03-26 16:47:34
[A.sbuser] Active Node = A.sbuser
[A.sbuser] Replica Nodes = 
[A.sbuser] Replicate To Existing = false
[A.sbuser] Object Batch Size = 1000
[A.sbuser] Number Of Threads = 1
[A.sbuser] Restore From Node = 
[A.sbuser] Mapped Types = 
[A.sbuser] Broadcast Definition Updates = true
[A.sbuser] Foreign Audit Option = ignorenodelist
[A.sbuser] Replica Audit Option = waitactive
[A.sbuser] Remote Enable Action = enablepartition
[A.sbuser] Availability Zone = default-cluster-wide-availability-zone

The designation [sn|ad] in syntax examples is a reminder that this command requires either the global parameter ‑‑servicename or the ‑‑adminport and ‑‑hostname combination to identify the node or cluster of interest.

Command Parameter Description Required
name Partition name. No. The default is to display all partitions.
zone Only display partitions in this availability zone. No. The default is to display partitions in all availability zones.